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Our company is focused on providing adult literacy, numeracy and digital learning solutions to a diverse audience. Our aim is to empower adults including natives, migrants, seniors and refugees with the necessary literacy skills including the best IELTS preparation classes and training in Hamilton & Auckland and digital competencies to thrive in today’s rapidly evolving world. We offer educational programmes and services designed to enhance adult learners’ literacy levels, improve their digital literacy by offering the best digital fluency course in Hamilton online as well as in-person, and equip them with the tools needed to succeed in their personal and professional lives

IELTS Preparation Classes

Our Vision

Empowering Adults Through Literacy & Digital Skills Programs

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Change Your Life for the better with our courses

Elevate Your Professional Game by Mastering eLiteracy and Sharpening Your Communication Edge.


Relevant Workplace Skills

Crafting resumes, online job hunting, leveraging productivity software, and adjusting to evolving workplace technology. Get started on our courses today and get a better job tomorrow.


Understand More Content

Interpret and analyze diverse intricate texts, peruse articles, news stories, emails, and explore digital content. Gain a better understanding of the world around you.


Excel At Writing

Improve writing proficiency for clear idea expression, crafting emails, completing forms, and designing simple documents with digital utilities. Get started on our courses today.


Become An eLiteracy Pro

Acquire foundational knowledge and skills to effectively use digital devices, navigate the internet, and use common software applications, such as word processors, email clients, web browsers, and search engines.


Communicate Better Today

Enhance communication skills for both online and offline interactions, including understanding email etiquette, participating in online discussions, and using social media. Become smarter online, get started today!


Enhance Your Intellect

Develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills, including analyzing and evaluating information, and making informed decisions. Start our eLiteracy courses now and elevate your intellect and wisdom daily.

Courses & Workshops



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Student Reviews
Results Focused Teaching

Meet our founder & director

Geetika Samuel

21 years’ experience in adult teaching, supporting strategic planning and the review of programme delivery, assessment & moderation practices. I am passionate about tertiary education, educational technology trends, and digital learning.

My aim is to:

Empower Adults through Education, Fostering their Literacy Skills & Digital Competencies for personal & professional growth.


Our Valued Students

hear what they have to say

Listen to testimonials from our cherished students detailing how our courses have been instrumental in their achievements. They’ve secured improved job positions, seamlessly integrated into society, adeptly utilized contemporary technology, and significantly enhanced their reading, writing, and communication abilities.

Don't wait, join us and start improving your life today!

Boost Your Career and Confidence with Enhanced eLiteracy
& Superior Communication Skills.
Join the best digital fluency course in Hamilton & Auckland

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